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About us

Our Mission

NCAAT in Action is committed to supporting equity and justice for all by building political power among Asian Americans and allies in North Carolina through voter education, progressive advocacy and leadership development.
Voter Education

We believe for the Asian American community to build power, they must be educated on their rights as voters. To do this NCAAT in Action will:

  • engage in direct voter outreach through one-on-one voter engagement and candidate forums;
  • organize voter turnout activities to increase the political voice of our often-overlooked communities;
  • translate endorsed candidates’ brochures and conduct in-language phone banks;
  • and help Asian Americans understand current issues that affect them and how the electoral process shapes government responses to their communities’ needs.

To sustain political organization for the rapidly growing Asian American population and continue the momentum for movement power building within Asian American communities, NCAAT in Action will:

  • endorse candidates who are similarly committed to supporting the progressive values of equity and justice for Asian Americans and other communities of color,
  • serve as a resource for legislators, the media, and the public on Asian American issues;
  • advocate for progressive policies that support the Asian American community and hold elected officials responsible once in office;
  • participate in election protection to protect voters, particularly Asian Americans, so they can fully participate in our democracy;
  • and interview candidates for office on their stances on issues that impact the Asian American community, summarizing the information for Asian American voters to assist them in making the best decision for their community.
Leadership Development

NCAAT in Action aims to mobilize Asian American voices and votes to be a unified and powerful force in electoral and civic affairs. For the Asian American community to become politically empowered, more Asian Americans championing progressive policies must hold political office. To foster and support this political leadership, NCAAT in Action will

  • support elected Asian Americans in using their knowledge and lived experience to champion progressive policies;
  • build a robust civic engagement program to identify and foster potential candidates who are politically savvy, supported by their community, and who hold progressive values that falls within an equitable and just framework;
  • and create and maintain a pipeline of progressive Asian American candidates through candidate training — within a culturally appropriate lens and approach — on campaign strategy, fundraising, and communications.
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