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North Carolinians need leaders who are willing to lead with principle and fight to make our state more equitable, prosperous, and safe. Protecting our communities requires policy solutions that will move Asian American communities and North Carolinians as a whole forward. We are proud to endorse a slate of candidates who are committed to enacting bold changes that will make life in North Carolina better for us all.

NCAAT in Action supports candidates for office at the state and federal level. Candidates provided answers to questions on topics such as Asian American representation in government, immigrant justice, racial justice, and language access. All candidates endorsed aligned with NCAAT in Action values.

NCAAT in Action is the only statewide Asian American organization endorsing candidates for office who will consider the needs of our communities in policy proposals if elected.

Check out our list of endorsed candidates below.

Roy Cooper for Governor of North Carolina

“North Carolina is a welcoming, inclusive state and our state laws and available opportunities should reflect that. In my next term, I’ll continue to fight to make that a reality in people’s lives. […] I am committed to ensuring that every North Carolinian has the opportunity to make their voice heard, and a significant part of that is to ensure voting is made easier, not more difficult. […] I am committed to continuing to advocate for the issues that matter to North Carolinians and to NC Asians Americans Together in Action.”

NCAAT in Action endorses Roy Cooper in his re-election campaign for Governor of North Carolina. Governor Cooper has shown commitment to healthcare, education, and immigrant justice for immigrant and refugee communities of color, including Asian Americans. Governor Cooper vetoed a bill that would have required our local law enforcement to obey anti-immigrant orders from ICE and other federal agencies. He enacted Executive Order 113 and launched a Task Force to increase teacher diversity. Cooper’s administration also established the Andrea Harris Social, Economic, Environmental, and Health Equity Task Force, which aims to address the social, environmental, economic, and health disparities in communities of color that have been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ronnie Chatterji for North Carolina State Treasurer

NCAAT in Action endorses Ronnie Chatterji for State Treasurer because of his commitment to both Asian Americans in North Carolina and all of the state’s residents as a whole. Chatterji prioritizes access to health care and access to capital for small businesses, particularly many minority-owned businesses, including those in AAPI communities. He is also a supporter of racial and language justice and equity.

“I would be proud to be the first Asian American elected to a statewide office in North Carolina history. […] As a member of the Council of State I will use my position to give voice to the victims of hate crimes against AAPIs, people of color and other minority communities.”

Josh Stein for North Carolina Attorney General

“I have and will continue to use my bully pulpit to strongly condemn racism and fearmongering. […] Our work is only beginning, however; I will work to address these issues comprehensively so we can make true to the maxim chiseled on the face of the United States Supreme Court building: Equal Justice Under Law.”

NCAAT in Action endorses Josh Stein in his re-election campaign for North Carolina Attorney General. Attorney General Stein has fought on behalf of and alongside the most vulnerable communities in our state, including as co-chair of the Racial Equity Task Force. Through his office’s work on cases like New York v. Dept. of Commerce, which challenged the inclusion of a citizenship question on the 2020 Census, Attorney General Stein has shown a commitment to justice that is inclusive of the Asian American community and the immigrant and refugee community of North Carolina as a whole.

Michael Garrett for NC State Senate — SD27

NCAAT in Action endorses Michael Garrett in his re-election campaign for the North Carolina General Assembly in Senate District 27. Representing much of Guilford County, a county with a sizable population of Asian Americans, Senator Garrett prioritizes access to affordable healthcare and funding public education, in particular programs that would make education more accessible to non-English speaking families.

“The growth of anti-immigrant rhetoric and action is deplorable and has no place in North Carolina. I have spoken against the rise in discrimination and remain committed to supporting policies that welcome and include all immigrants to this country in social, political, and economic spaces.” 

Mujtaba A. Mohammed for NC State Senate — SD 38

“It’s okay to not speak English very well, we are the melting pot and language is an integral part of culture. I want to expand access to voters, residents, business owners, and scholars so that our communities will have the tools we need to be successful and live our lives to our greatest potential.”

NCAAT in Action endorses Mujtaba A. Mohammed in his re-election campaign for the North Carolina General Assembly in Senate District 38. Senator Mohammed has been a strong advocate for immigrant and refugee communities, helping to lead the charge to kill a 287g bill on the State Senate floor. Senator Mohammed has worked with community organizations and a coalition of progressive sheriffs to protect immigrant and refugee communities. He is a proponent of implementing municipal IDs and in-state tuition for undocumented students, which will assist young people with education attainment and a roadmap to citizenship.

Jay Chaudhuri for NC State Senate — SD15

NCAAT in Action endorses Jay Chaudhuri in his re-election campaign for the North Carolina General Assembly in Senate District 15. Senator Chaudhuri led the fight and floor strategy in the State Senate against HB370, a bill that forced local law enforcement cooperation with ICE. Ultimately, Governor Cooper vetoed the bill. In addition, Senator Chaudhuri sponsored the Hate Crimes Prevention Act, a bill that would expand the scope to include ethnicity, provide training to investigators and prosecutors, and require local law enforcement agencies to track hate crimes. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Senator Chaudhuri has supported a $50 million small business fund and sponsored a $150 million fund to help restaurants and hotels. As the first ever Asian American member of the State Senate, Chaudhuri has been an accessible mentor to young AAPIs, fostering a generation of new leaders from our community.

“I’m running for office to make sure all North Carolinians have a shot at the American Dream, the way my immigrant parents did.”

Sydney Batch for NC State House of Representatives — HD 37

“Hate must not be tolerated in our state. As a woman of color, I understand how pervasive and destructive discrimination and ignorance can be. I am working in the legislature to ensure all are welcome, and can live and work peacefully without fear of violence.”

NCAAT in Action endorses Sydney Batch in her re-election campaign for the North Carolina General Assembly in House District 37. Representative Batch is a strong advocate for working families in North Carolina, sponsoring bills to provide paid sick leave and to expand access to affordable healthcare. Representative Batch has also shown commitment to protect immigrants and refugee communities. During the last legislative session, she voted against HB370, which would have required sheriffs to cooperate with ICE detainers.

Gail Young for NC State House of Representatives — HD 83

NCAAT in Action endorses Gail Young for the North Carolina General Assembly in House District 83. Young is an advocate for electoral reform that combats voter suppression efforts. A proponent of living wage, affordable healthcare, and quality education, Gail Young also values an inclusive approach to governance.

“America is a land where race, ethnicity, gender, orientation, and religious beliefs are uniquely individual and human rights are afforded to all. We are a society that values inclusion, not division.”

Cal Cunningham for US Senate

“Cal will work to protect and expand the right to vote so that all eligible, law-abiding citizens can participate in our elections. Cal supports efforts to expand access to voting and prevent voter suppression, like restoring the Voting Rights Act, extending early voting, and making it easier to register to vote by enacting reforms like automatic voter registration and making Election Day a federal holiday. He will also oppose efforts like unnecessarily purging voters from the rolls.”

NCAAT in Action endorses former North Carolina State Senator Cal Cunningham for United States Senator representing the state of North Carolina. Cunningham is a strong supporter of accessible and affordable healthcare. He pledges to fight to strengthen and extend coverage under the Affordable Care Act, expand Medicaid in North Carolina, support rural hospitals, address doctor shortages, support life-saving research to prevent and treat diseases like cancer and HIV/AIDS, and work to lower the cost of prescription drugs. He is also in support of democratic reform of our electoral system that has often put up barriers for communities of color and immigrant and refugee communities in the form of voter suppression. Cunningham understands that he is not an expert on all issues and actively listens to the community. In an Asian American townhall sponsored by NCAAT in Action, Cunningham answered questions from local AAPI residents on issues of concern ranging from access to healthcare to foreign policy and immigration, and he has committed to learning more about issues that impact our communities so he can be a more effective advocate for us in Washington.

Joe Biden for President of the United States

NCAAT in Action endorses former Vice President Joe Biden for President of the United States. Biden recognizes the pain felt by families across the country when a loved one has been forcibly removed, including under the Obama-Biden Administration. He has committed to reverse a host of harmful policies from the Trump administration, including harsh restrictions placed on asylum seekers and refugees, the public charge rule, discriminatory travel bans (the “Muslim bans”), and the rescinding of temporary protective status for many vulnerable populations. Biden has also committed to address language barriers for Asian Americans, immigrant and foreign born populations who may be limited English proficient, particularly in regards to access to healthcare, public education, and other government services. He will advocate for access to a fairer democracy by addressing barriers to the vote and addressing voter suppression through support of policies like automatic voter registration and same-day voter registration. Biden has also committed to prioritize addressing hate crimes that has been on the rise and has been increasingly targeting Asian American communities, including Sikh, Hindu, and Muslim Americans in a post 9-11 world, as well as an increased uptick in hate crimes through the current administration’s racialization of COVID-19. Read more about Biden’s agenda for the AAPI community here.

“Our diversity is and always has been the defining strength of our nation; in each generation, our spirit and our ambitions have been renewed by wave after wave of immigrants seeking out the American dream. I was proud to serve as Vice President in the most diverse administration in United States history, working with President Obama to expand opportunity through the reestablished White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders; secure health insurance for two million AAPIs through the Affordable Care Act; protect thousands of AAPI DREAMers growing up in America; provide long overdue compensation to Filipino veterans of World War II; and appoint more AAPI judges to the bench than all prior administrations combined. I look forward to furthering that progress as President — and to ensuring that our White House and federal government once again reflect the full diversity of the AAPI community and our country as a whole.” Biden statement for APAHM 2020
Kamala Harris for Vice President of the United States

“While this virus [COVID-19] touches us all, let’s be honest, it is not an equal opportunity offender. 

Black, Latino, and Indigenous people are suffering and dying disproportionately. This is not a coincidence. It is the effect of structural racism. Of inequities in education and technology, health care and housing, job security and transportation. The injustice in reproductive and maternal health care. In the excessive use of force by police. And in our broader criminal justice system. 

This virus has no eyes, and yet it knows exactly how we see each other—and how we treat each other. And let’s be clear—there is no vaccine for racism. We’ve gotta do the work.

For George Floyd. For Breonna Taylor. 

For the lives of too many others to name. For our children. For all of us. 

We’ve gotta do the work to fulfill that promise of equal justice under law. Because, none of us are free until all of us are free.”

NCAAT in Action endorses U.S. Senator Kamala Harris for Vice President of the United States. Senator Harris knows our families. As a Black woman and as the daughter of Indian American and Jamaican American immigrants, she has seen firsthand the racial and economic injustice that so many Americans face today. Senator Harris knows our community and our values because she has lived it. She has dedicated her life to public service. As a U.S. Senator, former state Attorney General and District Attorney, she has shattered the glass ceiling before and is not afraid to do it again.

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