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2022 General Election Endorsements

We are proud to endorse a slate of candidates for North Carolina’s 2022 November 8th general elections who are committed to enacting bold changes that will make life in this state and nation better for us all.

Press release announcing 22 endorsements in federal and state races for 2022 general election 

Cheri Beasley for U.S. Senate ​

NCAAT in Action endorses Cheri Beasley to represent North Carolina in the U.S. Senate.

As a former judge and Chief Justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court, Cheri Beasley has spent her time in public service keeping communities safe, protecting the rights of North Carolinians, and ensuring that the law is applied equally for all people. These core values are reflected in her belief that leaders should reflect the diversity of the state and encourage full participation in our democracy and society. To Beasley, this work includes engaging in intentional outreach to AAPI activists and spending time with growing AAPI communities, speaking out against anti-Asian hate and violence, and building a campaign that supports language accessibility. While working as a judge, Beasley created policies to ensure paid family leave for working people, and focused on keeping kids out of the school-to-prison pipeline; as a candidate for US Senate, she aims to grow job opportunities statewide, make healthcare accessible and affordable, and supports an improved and clearer pathway to citizenship. 

 “This campaign is focused on reaching out to voters in diverse communities across this state, and I’m grateful to earn the support of NCAAT in Action. Together, we can build a strong, inclusive campaign that can win in November, and in the U.S. Senate, I will fight for all North Carolinians.” — Cheri Beasley
Sam Ervin IV for N.C. Supreme Court

NCAAT in Action endorses Sam Ervin IV for N.C. Supreme Court, Seat 5.

Justice Ervin was born and raised in Morganton, North Carolina and graduated from Harvard Law in 1981. He practiced law in his hometown for 18 years before serving in judicial or quasi-judicial office at the Utilities Commission, the Court of Appeals, and the state Supreme Court. Since joining the Supreme Court, he has participated in deciding more than 540 cases. Justice Ervin is committed to the fair and impartial administration of justice, and supports efforts to improve language access in the judicial system so every litigant can be fully and fairly heard. He believes that no one is above the law, that the law should be applied equally to everyone, and that partisan politics have no place in the judicial system.

Lucy Inman for N.C. Supreme Court

NCAAT in Action endorses Lucy Inman for the N.C. Supreme Court, Seat 3.

Judge Inman was raised in Raleigh, earned her degree from UNC School of Law, and practiced civil litigation for 18 years before becoming a judge. Since her election to the Court of Appeals, Judge Inman has authored over 500 appellate decisions and has participated in thousands of judicial decisions. Her record shows that she makes decisions on the basis of law, the facts, and without partisan ideology. She supports policies to improve the administration of justice by providing implicit bias training to judges, court staff, and jurors. The United States Constitution and the North Carolina Constitution require equal treatment under the law for everyone, and Judge Inman strongly defends those requirements.

 “I am extremely grateful to NCAAT in Action for your trust and confidence in me to serve on the North Carolina Supreme Court. We share a commitment to preserve the rule of law, keep our justice system fair and free from partisan politics, and pursue equal justice for all. Because judges must not express opinions about the important issues they are called on to decide, people do not know much about us. That makes your endorsement especially valuable because members of the AAPI community and their allies trust your judgment.” –Lucy Inman

Deborah Ross for U.S. House of Representatives — CD-2

NCAAT in Action endorses Deborah Ross for U.S. House of Representatives in North Carolina’s 2nd Congressional District.

Congresswoman Ross has a proven record of fighting for fairness and justice. As a civil rights lawyer, she fought to pass the South’s first anti-racial profiling law. As a State Representative, she worked to protect voting rights, fund transit and transportation projects, and increase access to affordable housing. Since taking office in the U.S. House, Ross joined the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus, voted for the COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act, and has been an advocate for reforming our broken immigration system: She cosponsored the EAGLE Act and helped to secure a path to citizenship for Documented Dreamers. 

 “My congressional district is home to a large, diverse, vibrant, growing AAPI community. These students, families, and workers contribute to our culture, our economy, and our institutions of higher education. In Congress, I have made serving this community a top priority. I am honored to receive the endorsement of NCAAT in Action and to work with them to make North Carolina more equitable.” — Deborah Ross
Alma Adams for U.S. House of Representatives — CD-12

NCAAT in Action endorses Alma Adams for U.S. House of Representatives in North Carolina’s 12th Congressional District.

Congresswoman Adams is a retired educator of 40 years and has been in public service at the local, state, and now the federal level in the U.S. House. Using her knowledge of how government works at all levels, Representative Adams has a proven track record of advocating for critical issues she calls the 4Hs: housing, hunger, health care, and higher education. She serves on the Committee on Financial Services, the Subcommittee on Diversity and Inclusion, the Committee on Education and the Workforce, and chairs the Subcommittee on Workforce Protections. 

 “I am honored to be endorsed by NCAAT in action. I stand with Asian Americans as you work to build strong leadership and mobilization in the community. I believe that all Asian Americans should have human and civil rights to participate in our society and should be able to do so, fairly and equitably. Diversity is America’s strength, therefore understanding, accepting, and appreciating cultural differences are essential. –Alma S. Adams

Wiley Nickel for U.S. House of Representatives — CD-13

NCAAT in Action endorses Wiley Nickel for U.S. House of Representatives in North Carolina’s 13th Congressional District.

In the North Carolina State Senate, Nickel serves on the Judiciary Committee, the Redistricting Committee, and the Pensions and Retirement Committee. As a criminal defense attorney for the past decade, Nickel has worked every day to see that his clients are treated fairly and compassionately by the North Carolina justice system. Nickel is an experienced public servant focused on making our economy work for everyone, protecting our voting rights, and investing in quality education.

Jeff Jackson for U.S. House of Representatives — CD-14

NCAAT in Action endorses Jeff Jackson for U.S. House of Representatives in North Carolina’s 14th Congressional District.

Senator Jackson’s career in public service began after the attacks of September 11th, when he enlisted and was deployed to Afghanistan. He then worked as an assistant district attorney and tried over one hundred cases ranging from DWI to first-degree murder. Since being elected to the state Senate in 2014, Jackson has helped build a bipartisan coalition to end gerrymandering, formed the state’s first Early Childhood Education Caucus, and introduced a number of bills to modernize our criminal laws, including closing the consent loophole.

 “I’m grateful for NCAAT in Action’s endorsement. They are a strong voice for the AAPI community in North Carolina. I look forward to working alongside them to deliver on equity and justice and to best represent the interests of Asian Americans in NC-14.” — Jeff Jackson
Lisa Grafstein for N.C. State Senate — SD-13

NCAAT in Action endorses Lisa Grafstein for the North Carolina State Senate, representing Senate District 13.

As a civil rights lawyer for 26 years, Grafstein’s work has shown her that fundamental changes are needed in order to build a more just society, especially when it comes to producing fair economic outcomes and racial equity. Grafstein’s work has included labor and employment issues, including workers’ rights, discrimination, and wage issues. For the last 10 years, Grafstein has worked on civil rights for people with disabilities, including voting access, healthcare issues, and discrimination in public services. 

Jay Chaudhuri for N.C. State Senate — SD-15

NCAAT in Action endorses Jay Chaudhuri for the North Carolina State Senate, representing Senate District 15.

Senator Chaudhuri has spent his career fighting for and working on behalf of the people of North Carolina. For two decades, he has worked at the highest levels of all three branches in state government. Raised in Fayetteville, Chaudhuri is the son of immigrants. His father left India to come to America more than fifty years ago. As a State Senator, Chaudhuri led the fight on funding class sizes from kindergarten to third grade. He also led the fight on reducing gun violence in our schools.

Gale Adcock for N.C. State Senate — SD-16

NCAAT in Action endorses Gale Adcock for the North Carolina State Senate, representing Senate District 16.

Representative Adcock is a nurse practitioner of 35 years and has 15 years of experience in office. She was elected to Cary Town Council from 2007-2014 and has served in the N.C. House since 2015. She is an active supporter and advocate for the local AAPI community and her top issues include investing in all levels of public education, ensuring access to healthcare, strengthening the economy, and protecting the environment.

 “Senate District 16 is incredibly diverse, with 22% of residents identifying as Asian American. Endorsement by NCAAT in Action is a clear indication that I value and respect differences in experience and perspective. I will work with the Asian American community in the Senate as I’ve done in the House.” — Gale Adcock
Sydney Batch for N.C. State Senate — SD-17

NCAAT in Action endorses Sydney Batch for the North Carolina State Senate, representing Senate District 17.

As an attorney and social worker, Sydney Batch has firsthand knowledge of what everyday North Carolinians experience and has the skills to help effect change at the state level. Since being elected to office in 2018 she has voted against harmful anti-immigration legislation and sponsored bills to expand access to affordable health care and to ensure a quality, public education for all children.

“I am deeply committed to representing every community we have in southern Wake county and am humbled by NCAAT In Action’s endorsement. The organization is an important partner in aiding me in understanding the diverse issues and viewpoints that come from our AAPI community. I am grateful for their support.” –Sydney Batch

Mary Wills Bode for N.C. State Senate — SD-18

NCAAT in Action endorses Mary Wills Bode for the North Carolina State Senate, representing Senate District 18.

Mary Wills Bode is a Wake County native, attorney, and executive director of a bipartisan coalition working to end gerrymandering in North Carolina. Her priorities include expanding Medicaid, providing schools with the resources to deliver high-quality education, and ensuring rural areas have access to reliable infrastructure like clean drinking water and high-speed internet. 

Graig Meyer for N.C. State Senate — SD-23

NCAAT in Action endorses Graig Meyer for the North Carolina State Senate, representing Senate District 23.

Meyer spent 16 years working in North Carolina Public Schools, helping kids be the first in their family to go to college. During the past 8 years Meyer has served in the North Carolina House, he has become an advocate for education, climate action, voting rights, affordable health care, paid family leave, criminal justice reform, and more. Throughout his time in the State House, he has been a primary sponsor of legislation that would give benefits to undocumented immigrants, including in-state college tuition in the UNC system and driver’s licenses. He has also introduced legislation that would increase appropriations for English language learners in public schools. 

Mujtaba Mohammed for N.C. State Senate — SD-38

NCAAT in Action endorses Mujtaba Mohammed for North Carolina State Senate, representing Senate District 38.

Senator Mohammed was born in the United States to two hard working immigrant parents from India. It was this belief in giving priority to family and community that led Mujtaba to pursue a career in public interest law and a life dedicated to serving those in need. Mujtaba’s proven record of service to children and families led to his election to the North Carolina State Senate in 2018, where he has worked to ensure every family and child has a chance at a brighter economic future.

 “As one of the fastest growing demographics in both the nation and state of North Carolina, Asian Americans owe it to ourselves to get engage, advocate, and exert our agency and power in every space and in every room. NCAAT in Action lives that vision and works with me to fight for better outcomes, stronger communities, and a government that serves the people, not special interests. I am honored to receive this crucial endorsement and look forward to continuing our work together in pursuit of a better and more just tomorrow.” –Mujtaba Mohammed

Natasha Marcus for N.C. State Senate — SD-41

NCAAT in Action endorses Natasha Marcus for North Carolina State Senate, representing Senate District 41.

In the North Carolina State Senate, Marcus serves on the Judiciary Committee and the Elections and Redistricting Committee where she is a strong supporter of increased voter participation through easier voter registration—including forms in multiple languages—and protections for voting rights and fair elections. Senator Marcus is also an advocate for the Hate Crimes Prevention Act, common sense gun safety reform, public education investments, and tax policies that are fair for working families.

 “This endorsement helps demonstrate my commitment to representing all the people of my district, who come from a beautiful variety of diverse backgrounds, traditions and countries of origin, and to making North Carolina a welcoming place where everyone can thrive.” — Natasha Marcus
Rachel Hunt for N.C. State Senate — SD-42

NCAAT in Action endorses Rachel Hunt for North Carolina State Senate, representing Senate District 42.

Representative Hunt is an attorney and the daughter of a teacher and former North Carolina Governor. She is currently serving her second term in the N.C. House of Representatives where she has been an advocate for increasing diversity in public schools by sponsoring a bill to recruit and retain more diverse public school teachers. Hunt also co-sponsored the Hate Crimes Prevention Act and will continue to support it in the Senate. Her priorities include addressing issues in public schools, health care, and local economies.

Eric Terashima for N.C. State House — HD 17

NCAAT in Action endorses Eric Terashima for the North Carolina State House of Representatives, representing House District 17.

Eric Terashima served in the U.S. Marine Corps for 30 years before retiring as a Colonel, and his lifelong commitment to public service led him to run for office. Terashima’s top issues include improving schools by raising teacher salaries to retain high-quality educators, investing in sustainable energy to create jobs and to improve the environment, and providing affordable housing in his fast-growing district. Additionally, his experience resettling Afghan refugees revealed the cumbersome immigration process and the need for clearer paths to family reunification. 

 “The NCAAT in Action endorsement is important to me because I firmly believe in inclusion and working towards preserving civil rights for all.” — Eric Terashima
Ya Liu for N.C. State House — HD 21

NCAAT in Action endorses Ya Liu for the North Carolina State House of Representatives, representing House District 21.

Councilwoman Liu came to America almost two decades ago to pursue higher education and better opportunities. Since then, she earned doctoral degrees in sociology and law, became a faculty member at Duke Law School, and was elected to Cary Town Council. Liu’s experience as a public official, community leader, academic researcher, and attorney provides invaluable perspective for representing her constituents. Her top issues include making North Carolina more inclusive and equitable, taking strong climate actions, and investing in education, healthcare, and the economy. If elected, Liu would be the first Asian American woman in the NC General Assembly.

Julie von Haefen for N.C. State House — HD 36

NCAAT in Action endorses Julie von Haefen for the North Carolina State House of Representatives, representing House District 36.

Representative Julie von Haefen serves on the Appropriations, Appropriations General Government, State Government, Local Government, and Homeland Security/Military/Veterans Affairs committees. Her top priorities are to increase education funding so that every child in NC has access to a sound basic education, to expand Medicaid and provide access to affordable healthcare, and to protect every North Carolinian’s right to reproductive freedom. Julie is actively engaged with the AAPI community in her district, and co-sponsors the Hate Crimes Prevention Act and supports Senate Bill 672.

Joe John for N.C. State House — HD 40

NCAAT in Action endorses Joe John for the North Carolina State House of Representatives, representing House District 40.

Representative John has had significant experience in all three branches of the State government, including as District Court, Superior Court and Court of Appeals Judge; DMV Deputy Commissioner; and a three-term member of the NC House of Representatives. Representative John supports increasing family-based immigration, an opportunity for citizenship for all undocumented migrants with minimal obstacles, clearing application and hearing backlogs and reunifying families separated by migration or detainment. He has been supportive and co-sponsored bills in the General Assembly to increase protections for immigrant victims of crimes, and opposed anti-immigrant legislation like HB370 in 2019.

Maria Cervania for N.C. State House — HD 41

NCAAT in Action endorses Maria Cervania for the North Carolina State House of Representatives, representing House District 41.

In 2020, Maria Cervania was elected to be the Wake County Commissioner and became the first Filipino elected to office in North Carolina. Since then, Cervania has worked to close healthcare coverage gaps, fought HB2 to restore LGBTQIA+ rights, helped pass the Wake County Non-Discrimination Ordinance, and advocated for the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment. She has created policies for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion—especially in inclusive communication and language access—in her commitment to improving the quality of life for all residents.

Diamond Staton-Williams for N.C. State House — HD 73

NCAAT in Action endorses Diamond Staton-Williams for the North Carolina State House of Representatives, representing House District 73.

Diamond Staton-Williams is a native North Carolinian, registered nurse, and Town Councilwoman with a dedication to public service. Her health care experience and community involvement informed her focus on reducing barriers to mental health services, improving public education, and finding solutions to boost local economies.

 “I believe in advocating for others and ensuring their needs are met. I believe in learning about other cultures, respecting and valuing each other’s communities.” — Diamond Staton-Williams

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