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Our diverse community

North Carolina’s Asian American community is diverse and largely composed of immigrants.  

Approximately 60% of Asian Americans living in the state were born abroad. Notwithstanding the significant immigrant background, nearly 70% of the overall Asian American population are citizens. Data shows that 90,000 Asian Americans were registered to vote in 2014, which is approximately 58% of eligible Asian American residents. The Asian American registration rate is lower than the statewide average of 70% of all North Carolina residents, and we need to change this to make our voices heard.

Voting represents an opportunity to improve the lives of Asian Americans. In addition to issues related to the economy and health care, Asian immigrants face discrimination due to their race, ethnicity, and/or country of origin. The laws that impact the everyday lives of the Asian American community are a result of elections. It is important to ensure your voice is heard at the ballot box.

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